The Agent     © 2010


Not currently planned for release

Synopsis / Plot

A talent agent is a person who finds jobs for actors, authors, film directors, musicians, models, producers, professional athletes, writers, commercial directors, photographers, and other people in various entertainment businesses. Agents make their money by taking a percentage of the money that their client is paid.

Vincent Gallo’s film The Agent is a thoughtful, revealing and honest portrait of a Hollywood talent agent.

Sage Stallone stars as talent agent Ari Sheinwold. Vincent Gallo plays Sheinwold’s top client Vincent Gallo. Gallo appears one day for a meeting with his agent Sheinwold, which begins with some good news. When Sheinwold does not receive the response he expects from Gallo after telling him the “good news”, the agent begins to reveal his true nature.

The Agent was filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA on black and white film stock. The film is unrated.

Directed by Vincent Gallo

Written by Vincent Gallo

Produced by Vincent Gallo

Executive Producer Vincent Gallo Films / Gray Daisy Films USA

Original Music by Vincent Gallo

Cinematography Masanobu Takayanagi

Film Edited by Vincent Gallo

Art Direction Vincent Gallo

Production Coordinator Catherine Doran

RUNNING TIME 13 minutes and 33 seconds


  • Sage Stallone
  • Vincent Gallo
  • Lindsay Taylor
  • Agent Ari Sheinwold
  • Client Vincent Gallo
  • The Receptionist


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